Center of Vision Excellence


"Center of Vision Excellence" is a new concept branch network of "Latvian American Eye Center" in Latvia.

At the centres, patients of all ages have the opportunity to perform vision and eye health diagnostics, individually determining the most appropriate type of vision correction or necessary treatment. The patient is offered a full range of vision correction - from glasses, contact lenses, night lenses to laser vision correction or lens implantation.
In cases of illness, the patient's care is directed to prescribing therapy or performing surgery.

The Center of Vision Excellence provides world-class eye and vision health care, continuity in the service delivery process, and an individual approach to each patient.

Idea and purpose
In today's dynamic rhythm of life, when every moment is essential for its full use, there is a growing interest in ensuring the quality of life. If everyday life is greatly limited or affected by incomplete vision, the question is how to change it.
The goal of establishing a Center of Vision Excellence network is to make the eye and vision health service available to the patient as soon as possible and in a convenient place.

The activity is based on:

  • world-class technology and equipment for diagnostic and treatment capabilities;
  • availability of professionals;
  • continuity of service in the process of receiving it;
  • innovative solutions and an individual approach to each patient.

Freedom of vision is a determining factor in the quality of life for each of us.

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