Laser Vision Correction

The fast pace of life determines its full use, so vision should not limit it. How to change visual acuity with permanent vision correction so that you can give up daily worries about lenses and glasses and enjoy visual freedom?

Only in cooperation with the patient knowing his daily habits and needs for quality of life, can the specialist make the right vision correction choice.

What is the full spectrum vision correction?

Vision correction is any aid or action that improves vision.

  • Glasses and contact lenses are the primary and most widely known vision correction solutions. In addition to the possibility of correcting vision provided, the limitations and daily inconveniences of proper care and hygiene must be weighed when contact lenses or glasses are worn. You have to consider some of the restrictions on an active lifestyle that glasses and contact lens wearers will face.
  • For active people, night lenses or corneal refractive therapy is an advanced solution for vision correction. The method is based on changes in the cornea's shape, which are achieved using a unique lens at night when the patient is asleep. Provided temporary improvement of vision that lasts for about a day, so you should also wear these lenses every night. It gives comfort and safety in normal daily activities, active sports, and leisure. The lenses are suitable for both children and adults without age restrictions.
  • A cosmetic procedure that helps improve vision is laser correction. Essential in laser vision correction is the provision of a complete laser kit. At Center of Vision Excellence, we are happy to recommend and provide to our patients the most suitable of the four laser correction methods available in the world.
  • Suppose laser correction is not appropriate for the patient due to medical or other considerations. In that case, EVO Visian ICL or intraocular collamer lens implantation is a gentle and safe long-term vision correction solution. The lens made of a biocompatible material with built-in UV protection provides high visual acuity and is not visible or felt in the eye after implantation. The advantage of EVO Visian lens implantation is long-term vision correction without removing the eye's natural tissue, and the procedure is reversible. It does not cause "dry eye syndrome".
  • Implantation of a multifocal lens is recommended for permanent vision correction in patients with cataracts and people with high-grade hypermetropia or presbyopia. In these cases, the eye's natural lens will be replaced by a clear artificial lens with several focal points that provide clear vision at different viewing distances.

Only by ensuring the availability of all vision correction services will the patient have the opportunity for personalized vision correction.

Vision correction options can be divided into two main directions -

laser vision correction and correction without laser use.

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