Unlike the LASIK, the vision correction with the FEMTO LASIK technique is done using two lasers – femtosecond laser and excimer laser.

The corneal flap or "cap" is created with no microkeratome or blade; it is created using the femtosecond laser.

 It is a short procedure during which the cornea's stromal tissues are processed and separated by short laser pulses. Femtosecond laser performs the "cap" separation precisely and predictably. The procedure is continued by using an excimer laser that treats the exposed corneal surface with laser pulses. At the end of the procedure, the corneal flap is placed back in the previous position.

After vision correction by the FEMTO-LASIK technique, the protective contact lenses are placed on the patient's eye surface, removed the next day.


Creation of a corneal tissue flap or "cap" with a femtosecond laser


Corneal reshaping with an excimer laser

 STEP 3.

Placing the corneal tissue flap or "cap" in the original position

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