SMILE laser correction is the gentlest method, during which only one – femtosecond laser is used.


The principal distinction of the SMILE technique is that the flap isn't removed during the procedure. Instead, a femtosecond laser creates a smile-like incision or opening of up to four millimetres wide within the cornea, through which an exact and thin corneal stromal tissue (film) is extracted.

The method is called SMILE because of a smile-like incision.


Creation of a corneal stromal tissue lens with a femtosecond laser


Removal of the lens of the corneal stromal tissue

After this procedure, vision steadies much faster than after LASIK or PRK, and the healing process is also smoother. There is also a lower risk of dry eye syndrome or corneal instability. The SMILE method is well suited for the correction of myopia and astigmatism.

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