56+ years

Vision and eye health in middle-aged people and seniors

At this age, you must remember that the eyes, as the body as a whole, have started to age, and the eye's accommodation is no longer the same as before.

  • There may be a need for glasses for reading and proximity work. The process of clouding the natural lens of the eye has started, causing cataracts.
  • Be sure to pay close attention to diseases in the family. If parents or grandparents have had retinal diseases, glaucoma, cataracts, pay close attention to your eyes' health.
  • If you have had eye surgery, general chronic illness (as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.), visits to the doctor, even in the absence of specific complaints, should be scheduled at least once a year, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Possibilities of vision correction at the age of 56+:

glasses, contact lenses, night lenses, intraocular lens implantation.


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