Frequently asked questions

When visiting an ophthalmologist, we ask our patients to count on at least 1 hour.

If the patient's pupils are dilated during the visit, it will take time for the pupil dilator to work, and each person's ability to react may be different.

The complexity of individual examinations may also require additional time.

When visiting an ophthalmologist, be sure to bring glasses.

Everyday glasses must be taken with you so that a specialist can assess the adequacy of vision correction.

Contact lenses may be worn before visiting an ophthalmologist.

Unless otherwise specified by the ophthalmologist or ophthalmologist during the last visit and if the ophthalmologist comes to the ophthalmologist for the first time, the patient may come to the visit with contact lenses, but it is recommended to bring glasses. They are needed to assess the adequacy of vision correction with and without aids. We have observed that sometimes patients have difficulty re-inserting contact lenses immediately after a visit.

It is advisable to avoid driving immediately after visiting an ophthalmologist.

Pupil dilating drops are used during eye examinations, which can reduce visual acuity for up to 3-4 hours. Therefore it is recommended to avoid driving during this period, as well as performing other crucial tasks.

You may also have difficulty seeing when reading and doing precise work.

How much does a laser vision correction procedure cost?

The price of a vision laser correction procedure depends on the chosen method. The price range is from 475 EUR to 1500 EUR for laser correction of vision in one eye.

In cooperation with Inbank Latvia, the clinic offers patients postpaid services for up to 5 years. All that needs to be done is to inform staff during the visit of willingness to pay "in instalments".

Different types of glasses are made in the Centers of Vision Excellence.

Considering the type of glasses required by the vision specialist for the correction of the patient's vision, our specialists consult and help find the most appropriate and comfortable spectacle frames and choose the most suitable spectacle lenses.

The glasses are made in a few days. It will take longer to create very complex glasses.

The price range for making glasses is very wide.

It is complicated to name one approximate price for the production of spectacles because the total amount consists of the spectacle frame choice, the type of lenses required, and the lens coatings.

When choosing glasses, take into account:

  • an activity that requires glasses - for proximity work, distance, work at the computer. It is essential to be aware of the daily activities and lifestyle, habits and purpose of wearing glasses (for reading, driving, knitting, sports activities, etc.);
  • when choosing a spectacle frame, sometimes the necessary adjustment, namely, a prescription for spectacles - may limit the choice of the frame;
  • the most important parameters in choosing a frame are the size of its window, for example, whether it is not too wide or does not strike the cheeks and its distance from the eye (vertex distance) in the centre as close to it as possible. Of course, when choosing a frame for the glasses, you must also assess whether it rests firmly on the nose and whether the frame's legs are appropriate.
Types of vision correction available in Сentres of Vision Excellence

We provide our patients with the option of "full-spectrum vision correction".

The advantage of Сentres of Vision Excellence is the combination of all vision correction options in one place, ensuring continuity of service and patient care throughout the process.

We are ready to provide each patient individually with the type of vision correction they need - from glasses, contact lenses or night lenses to permanent vision correction with lenses or laser correction.


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