VIDEO: Dr Indars Lācis on how the LASIK visual laser correction procedure works

VIDEO: Dr Indars Lācis on how the LASIK visual laser correction procedure works

As a doctor, it is always interesting for me to observe the patient's emotions after laser surgery, and its amplitude is vast, from simple confusion to tears of joy.

LASIK vision laser correction is a cosmetic procedure that helps to improve vision and quality of life. It is the most popular and most widely used laser vision correction method in the world.

About his work in the clinic, Dr Indars Lācis puts it this way:

"As a doctor, it is always interesting for me to observe the patient's emotions after the operation, and its range is vast. From simple confusion to tears of joy. In fact, it is also the one that gives the most satisfaction."

What does the patient do before the LASIK vision laser correction?

Latvijas Amerikas acu centrs redzes lāzerkorekcija

In the Latvian American Eye Center, the path of vision correction begins with a free visit to a vision specialist. Both standard and in-depth examinations are performed, which are necessary for individual vision correction. Measurements are made to understand which of the vision correction methods is most appropriate for the patient.

In laser correction, the most important is the cornea's thickness, the topography of the cornea, the specific number of minuses, pluses, astigmatism or diopters. Based on these factors, as optometrist Sabīne Matulēviča emphasizes, it is determined whether a laser procedure is possible at all.

Also, the patient should not be younger than 21 years, and vision should be stable for two years. If the vision changes within the limits of half-diopter or diopter, unfortunately, we refuse the correction operation and ask to postpone the operation until the vision stabilizes.

Before the operation, the patient is introduced to its plan - how the procedure will occur, what the patient will feel during it and what directions must be followed afterwards. Patients are also encouraged to ask as many questions as possible because everything must be clear and understandable. Everything is clarified and answered. This allows the patient to feel safe and confident about the upcoming procedure.

How does the patient feel during laser surgery?

Latvijas Amerikas acu centrs redzes lāzerkorekcija

On the day of the operation, the patient arrives at the Latvian American Eye Center. The preparation process for the upcoming laser correction procedure is underway - the patient has repeated vision test, eye drops are being instilled, and the data for calculating individual vision correction are being entered into the laser device.

Although all the information about the laser vision correction process has been told in advance, every patient is worried, so the doctor tells the patient about each step taken again on the day of the procedure, so he feels comfortable and safe.

The procedure itself is painless because anaesthesia is used in the form of eye drops. The only thing the patient feels is light touches; at times, you may feel a slight pressure on the eyes and the need to look in bright light.

"Laser vision correction for both eyes lasts a maximum of 15 minutes, but it is more related to the preparation and other activities. The laser effect itself is seconds," explains Dr Indars Lācis.

What happens after laser vision surgery?

Although the changes will not reach their maximum, the patient will feel the improvement of the vision immediately after the operation. In most cases, one hundred per cent change will be deemed the very next morning.

However, there are also inconveniences that the patient should take into account after the operation. It may be a slight tingling sensation in the eyes as well as a sensitivity to light. Be sure to follow your doctor's recommendations and use eye drops. It is recommended to avoid intense visual strain in the first days after the procedure. It is recommended to wear sunglasses for the first two weeks when you are outdoors. We will provide this post-operative "kit" to our patients immediately after the procedure so that there is no unnecessary anxiety and no need to go to the pharmacy.

It should be noted that eye cosmetics should not be used for the first two weeks and that dust and water should not get into the eyes. Never rub your eyes.

The vision correction procedure does not end immediately after the operation. "It is a visit the next day, a visit in a week, in a month, in three and in a year. Every year, if the patient has no other complaints about eyesight and eyes, we invite you to a free vision screening test," emphasizes Sabīne Matulēviča.

As our optometrist Evija Gulbinska says:

"I also have had a vision correction operation myself - I definitely recommend patients to do it! Especially if a person is ready to change something in his life - get rid of glasses or contact lenses. In this way, making your life more comfortable and definitely of better quality."

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